Caravan HQ Ranger tackles Cape Tribulation with J-Trax A/T Tyres and Monster Off Road Wheels 

Our Ranger is a superstar at Caravan HQ and before heading off to film for Australia’s top outdoor exploration show Creek to Coast, we decided to give her a well-deserved upgrade. 

The trip from Sydney to Cape Tribulation is 30 hours including rough terrain, so we focused on a crucial factor in getting your vehicle road-ready – the tyres.

We needed wheels and tyres that could flex and perform across all sorts of terrains – think endless highways, bumpy gravel paths, off-road trails and our all-time favourite, beach bashes! 

So, we turned to our friends at Bob Jane T-marts for their advice and with a little help we were soon looking sharp and ready for filming in 17-inch Monster Zulu Black Tint wheels and reliable J-Trax all-terrain tyres.  

The trip turned out to be a comprehensive test for the new setup. Along the way, we took the opportunity to explore local caravan parks and businesses. The initial beach stay allowed us to experience the tyres in action on sandy shores, and they performed exceptionally well.

One of the key highlights was their performance on the beach. Driving on sandy shores can be challenging due to weight distribution and grip. However, the J-Trax tyres impressed us by maintaining their grip and stability, even when navigating the beach’s sandy terrain. They held up without showing any signs of weakness or stress cracks, proving their durability.

Throughout the week-long trip, with the new On The Move Adventure van in tow, we traversed dirt, gravel, corrugations, river sand, and tar roads. These tyres exhibited remarkable versatility, proving their effectiveness across diverse landscapes. The road noise was notably low for all-terrain tyres, which was a pleasant surprise. Their streamlined design didn’t compromise guard clearance, ensuring hassle-free turns, reverses, and full locks.

As we pushed these tyres to their limits, their performance on different surfaces became evident. The excellent grip through mud was particularly impressive, allowing us to navigate challenging conditions with confidence. On the road, their performance was equally remarkable – they maintained control, grip, and stability, even when towing a heavy van. This is a crucial factor, as noisy and bouncy tyres can be a significant headache during towing.

Their compatibility with various driving scenarios, from all-terrain adventures to everyday commuting, makes these tyres a versatile choice. Notably, they seamlessly handled the weight of heavy loads while providing adequate grip and cushioning. The ply rating, combined with their ability to tackle different terrains, showcased their adaptability as all-terrain tyres.

Overall, our Cape Tribulation journey was an ideal testing ground for the J-Trax all-terrain tyres. From beaches to rugged trails, these tyres consistently delivered exceptional performance.

Their versatility, durability, and reliability make them a solid choice for those seeking tyres that excel across a range of terrains. The J-Trax tyres not only met our expectations but also exceeded them, making them a valuable addition for any adventure-seeking traveller.


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