On the Move Caravans

On The Move Caravans was created from a dream by owners Lennie and Jennifer Mifsud.Lennie, a qualified auto electrician, and Jennifer, an interior designer, wanted to put their various trade skills and love of the outdoors into their favorite pastime, caravanning.  Lennie’s love of creating began by building caravans alongside his father at a young age.  In 2006 Lennie set out to build a caravan that would hold his family and his boat so they could tour the Northern Territory together while he and his son could also indulge in their other passion of fishing.  This van was called “The Ultimate Escape” and paved the way for On The Move Caravans to make its mark on the industry.  This innovation has continued and today On The Move create the finest quality caravans on the market.  One example of this is the Grenade Series II.   As part of the Best Aussie Vans 2014 series, the Grenade Series II won its category with flying colours.  Our commitment to create something different has enabled us to manufacture a range of vans to suit all travellers’ needs.  Whether you’re a fisherman, an off-roads enthusiast or just the happy traveller wanting to see our vast country. We have a collection that is sure to satisfy your travelling requirements.  Our team of quality craftsmen endeavour to create your ultimate travelling holiday package on wheels.


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